Extended insights

The Definitive Guide to the Doctor Who Theme Music / or recreate it on a Korg / Indie Retro News, old school gaming continuations. Related, Inside the obsessive world of miniature arcade machine makers / the Game UI Database (via MeFi) / Things that look like a part but are actually a whole / The Chart of Doom: Ranking Apocalypses / the loneliest house / am sure we’ve posted this before: Valerie Anex’s portfolio of Irish Ghost Esztates from the turn of last decade / Who gets the office, who gets the kitchen table, Anne Helen Petersen’s Culture Study on gender differences in the search for employment, identity, and sharing space during a pandemic / an obituary of book designer Pauline Baines, not to be confused with the equally remarkable Pauline Baynes / the art of Cameron, an artist whose life was at the intersection of technology and witchcraft / The intriguing maps that reveal alternate histories / your favorite behind-the scenes/making of content and stories.

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