All in the wrist

Harry Winston Opus 14, a £400,000 watch that distills about fifty years of American pop culture into an unsurprisingly bloated statement / also just in time for Christmas, passive aggressive shopping guide / maybe buy them the must-have personal scooter that we’ve seen several people fall off recently / ZX Spectrum emulator / women burning things / people hacking things (via) / animated New Yorker cover / Aerocene, an art project by Tomás Saraceno to create a series of vast self-powered balloons to cross around the globe. Saraceno is best-known for his vast In Orbit installation in Germany / Data Mining Reveals How Smiling Evolved During a Century of Yearbook Photos / The Last Message Received, ‘a Tumblr containing submissions of the last messages people received from ex-friends or ex-significant others, as well as from deceased friends, significant others, and relatives’.

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