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Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars – are modern cars so complex that ToS will ultimately forbid you to attempt to mend or alter them? In the old days, the urban myth was that Rolls-Royces were so fantastically well-engineered that the factory sealed the bonnet / from the people who brought you The Next Peak (‘A Retro Synth Tribute to the Twin Peaks Soundtrack’) comes Coastal Keys, ’23 heart pumping Miami Vice inspired 80s retro synth tracks, ready to be the soundtrack to your summer’ / sort of related: Electronic Items, a tumblr dedicated to recreating the chunky consumer electronics of an earlier era / Zumthor is a tumblr dedicated to the austere but genial architect Peter Zumthor / amazing bubble installation by Tomas Saraceno / Startup Generator / Intercepted by Gravitation, a blog about art / light dappled paintings Oliver Wilson / more art at Everest Standard, a tumblr / Walking’s New Movement, ‘where things are at for walking (as art and as performance), psychogeography, and the use and abuse of public space’.

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