In the city

Cities and their functions, failings and quirks.Dan Hill on the perils and impracticalities of the predictive city, data mined into homogenity / an ultra compact Parisian apartment / London Reconnections assembles information about the capital’s transport systems, past, present and future / someone should create a monograph of furnished Japanese houses to counter the copious examples of empty Japanese houses? / Lumino City is a game set in a stunning hand-made environment

Other things. Pelican Books has a new website / the internet’s first family: Wikipedia’s weirdest fringes / teach your Sims to swim, finally / Rä di Martino, ‘Authentic News of Invisible Things‘ / the Fantastically Wrong Archive / Paul Ford’s epic and endlessly quotable The Sixth Stage of Grief is Retro-Computing: ‘Windows is the Superbowl Halftime Show of operating systems. Given what everyone got paid, and how many people were involved, you’d think it would be a lot more memorable.’ Operating systems and life, sharing and nostalgia, always nostalgia, the contemporary virus.

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