101, Dalmations, 101; Toast counts individually, 102

The remarkable 8-Bit Beatles want to chirrup their chiptune back catalogue at you (via MeFi) / also on the blue, Trains with the faces of men, a compendium of links about Thomas the Tank Engine, the series that unwittingly mines the ‘vein of Scarfolkian eldritch creepiness that has been a mainstay of British children’s entertainment since pagan times’ / Fastcompany’s UI design round-up is actually an insight into the state of machine intelligence, be it genuinely artificial, cleverly simulated (for now) or simply deceptive.


More fun with the future, Japanese insurance company employs AI, at the expense of real people. See also, The seven stages of denial (that a robot will take your job) / a follow-up to yesterday’s post: How the Gurus Behind Disney’s MagicBand are Remaking a $38B Cruise Giant. Carnival automates enjoyment / tmn offers up a review of 2016 in music / intricate drawings by Ben Tolman at Faith is Torment / the KLF, yes or no? The usual intrigue / a gem: The comedy book index, part 1: I, Partridge, part 2. Alan Partridge: Nomad and part 3. Toast on Toast. At the wonderful blog of Paula Clark Bain, Society of Indexers member (see also The Indexer magazine).

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