1000 songs in your pocket

‘The ostensibly frictionless nature of online listening has other hidden or overlooked costs.’ In many respects, streaming music is bad for the planet, says Alex Ross / Apollo 13 Technical Air-To-Ground Voice Transcription (large pdf) / make your own Mini Arcade / ‘Make No Wonder is an HTML5 game where you explore and disrupt a procedurally-generated wilderness landscape’ / 3D Printing Time Lapse Videos, Using the Creality Ender 3 (via This Isn’t Happiness) / New Documents, a publishing house / paintings by Christopher Kierling (via w*) / TypeLit.io, ‘Improve your typing for free online by practicing on classic literature’ / name some highly regarded books that have faded into obscurity / The 100 Sequences That Shaped Animation (via MeFi).

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